KD Scroll units obtain ECA approval

September 2013

The medium temperature range of KD Scroll low noise, packaged, air cooled refrigeration condensing units have been accepted onto the Energy Technology List and are now eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances.

All medium temperature models from the 1PAL020M1 and 1PAL020M3 models, to the 2PAL075M3 model, qualify under license number 368. Two models at the extremes of the range, the 1PAL015M1 and 2PAL100M3, are not included.

All KD Scroll units are supplied comprehensively equipped with factory fitted fan speed control, external mains isolator, drier & sight glass, anti-corrosion coated condenser coil, pre-wired electrics, fully adjustable high & low pressure controls, external liquid & suction valves, liquid receiver. The units are packaged in a fully weatherproof powder coated steel housing.

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